petak, 18. prosinca 2015.

Future on MHAPro

I started with work on new version EU 2.3. First I will work on 3 locations ...

1. Exeter (UK)
2. N.Tawton (UK)
3. Zielona Góra (PL)
4. Žary (PL)

That is some short plan for new month.

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  1. Hey, MsHeavyAlex please add polish writings on banners on the road like on MCDonald banners. Greetings from Poland!

    1. Hi, find some 10 pieces and send me on my mail :

      They must be good size min..some 600x800 !!

  2. Hi Alex. I have a undiscovered bases after drive in. Do You want a report with position?
    If yes, where i must send to You? Regards from Poland :)

    1. Rafal, everything you can always send to my mail , which is in ChangeLog (you can read that in MOD MANAGER) - mail :



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