četvrtak, 31. prosinca 2015.

Youngest Donor !!

With all respect, I must introduce to you my youngest Donor !!!

He is Krzyš from Poland and he is big fan of my map !  When I saw in my Donor list first his father , that was great of course, with all respect that somebody new like my map too. And want support me in my work.

But for two days I got donation from that big,big fan of mine, Krzyš. I ran out of words. Totaly. Here is his picture :

I'm still thinking how big heart he must have, how good person he is and he will be, and of course, how good parents he has.

And that is his truck which he drive in game ETS2 :

Especially to you Kryzš, I wish you everything the Best in New year 2016 !


Happy New Year to all my other fans who drive on my map MOD ! 

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