nedjelja, 14. veljače 2016.

Very close to new release

Today I finished last city for next release, Sierre (CH). Now I must just connect that city and road to road which you already now from Bern (C) to Italy cross Alps. If I will so good desire for work on map , I will finish that in some 4-5 days , but for sure I will release that in 7-8 days.

Enjoy in playing on my map.

I have to apologize to those players who do not have good PC's .... I reduced in city what I can, connect everything , but basic problem for some lagging is still there, especially to those players, who still play on 32-bit version ... it will be a little bid hard for that PC's .  I always look that "factor" TC in game is low, but game does not allow to do something better lower than TC 850.000 and that is bad .... SCS did not made more  about that, it was just raise min. recommended graphics card ... like for ATS too. And that is shame. With they press on players ,if they want play there game, they must buy new ,better PC ...but many players can not afford new PC. Shame.

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  1. hello MsHeavyAlex, now you said you started a map for ATS, will you continue with your beautiful map for ETS or will continue with both?
    I hope you do not give up any of yours projects.

    1. ETS map is in progress too ... first on "road" is N.Tawton (UK) , then will be 2 new cities in Poland and one in Slovenia and first in Croatia !!



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