subota, 17. lipnja 2017.

MHAPro and next update for ATS ....

.... new update for ATS game is close !  ....In front of me is one week testing and if will be everything ok, next week ,somewhere between 26..6 and 30.6.2017 I will release new update for ATS game.

Which system will be for Support version, I will see with my site Admin... on release day you will now everything. Free version will be on direct download on my site ...

In new update you will find many new roads, new villages and cities , new companies on new places..etc ... exactly 8 totally new places and many new places around old cities ...some new garages and service places in front of garages ... etc, etc ....

MHAPro map for ETS2 is still in progress. Many time I lost on updating my data for last SCS 1.27 update (some on ATS too).... we must updated all Models and Prefabs cross zModeler or Blender (which use SCS team) ... and I hope like always that was last update like this with those games ...  now that all reflects on my both maps and my release which will be late...for ETS2 map more than with ATS map.

More information in next week ...

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  1. Congratulations for this work that is constantly being questioned with all these updates that break many mods.

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